Flag Overlay on Picture Tool

A tool for overlaying your profile pictures and avatars with your country flag.

The tool is capable of overlaying .jpg, .png and .gif image files. No Facebook login required. We will not display your photos on our site or use them for any purpose other than overlaying a flag over it.

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Step 2

Select a Picture

Flag opacity (optional)

Step 3

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How to: Overlaying Your Pictures Using the Flag Overlay Picture Tool

Using the "Flag Overlay Picture Tool" you can easily overlay your picture with a country flag using the three steps below:

  • Step 1: choose the country flag that you want overlaying your picture.
  • Step 2: choose your picture. You can use any picture that you'd like since the tool will automatically adjust to fit landscape as well as portrait photos. Simply verify that the image is in either jpg, gif or png format.
  • Step 3: click the "overlay picture" button.

Once you've completed the 3rd step, you will be redirected to the download page where you will download your picture. Unlike other similar tools, Flagmypicture.com does not require you to login via Facebook, Twitter or Google+, yet you will be able to upload your flag overlaid picture to any social network or forum manually. After uploading your picture you can set it as a profile picture, cover photo or avatar as you normally would any other picture.

Note that in step 2, you can set the opacity level (flag transparency level). The opacity level determines how dark the flag should be. In other words, the higher the opacity level is, the less visible the picture behind it will be. We've tested different opacity levels and have come to the conclusion that 30% works best with all flags because if set too high, the picture that the flag lays over isn't visible enough in our opinion. However, if you feel that the flag isn't visible enough, you can adjust this level to your liking.

For more information, you can watch the video below: